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Research & Strategy Methods

Start your new business or product launch in the right location. Marketeers & Associates International LLC of New York, NY, assists companies with making their products known. We oversee the initial groundwork for short-term and long-term planning. Then, we develop a plan of action for you to become successful in that particular industry.


Marketeers & Associates International LLC provides affordable solutions for marketing and sales projects. Our team creates a strategic plan to grow your business and maximize profits.


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How Global Markets become Local

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Marketeers & Associates International LLC, based in Pelham, New York, offers marketing services for small to midsize companies needing representation and the establishment of base operations. Our goal is to develop sales and stimulate inbound work for your business. With more than 15 years of experience, we provide the competitive edge your company needs to succeed.

Our company was started by two executives with considerable knowledge and experience of marketing and sales services they acquired while working in Europe, South America, and America. We offer your business the means to reach your market and convey your product/service/concept in a profitable manner.

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Research Representation

This method lets you know about the feasibility and viability of the market. Feedback is a valuable tool for testing a certain field. We begin with primary research through interviews. Secondary research is then used to obtain necessary information from data that has already been published. We show you where to look for this information and how to obtain it.

Strategic Planning

Once you have established an operation branch, infrastructure, or brick-and-mortar business, our carefully designed strategic plan maps effective ways to run and grow your operations. In addition to groundwork and research, direct mail is a viable option for increasing your client base. The next step is aftermarket sales and support services. All of these parts go hand-in-hand for a solid marketing program.