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About Rogerio S. de Freitas

Rio De Janerio

Mr. Rogerio S. de Freitas is a Brazilian previously involved in many different start-up businesses with specific experience and focus in the commercial business centers of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. An organized professional with a proven record in both the start-up and established business environment, he has more than 15 years of experience as a top-level manager and is highly skilled at determining needs, establishing corporate goals, and implementing effective strategies.

Mr. Freitas spent four years with Johnson & Johnson™ in Brazil. As an entrepreneur, he started his own export business that sold refurbished medical equipment to Brazil. In addition, he served as vice president for Innov Corporation, an international trading company located in New York and Brazil.

While executive vice president for IBI Beverages, he successfully implemented the promotion of a new premium-priced beverage, which represented an unusual alliance of entrepreneurial investment and seasoned American beverage industry expertise. As president and COO of ThinkSmart™ soft drinks, Mr. Freitas took a powder formulation into research and developed a nutraceutical ready-to-drink beverage.

As the U.S. Director for Thorspring Iceland™ of America, Mr. Freitas introduced their imported bottled water brand, Thor Springs™, and implemented its launch into the United States market. He also consults for Beverage Marketing Corp., one of the largest marketing research firms in the beverage industry.

Mr. Freitas spends time in Brazil and the United States helping companies establish themselves in these respective markets. He earned his Bachelor's in business administration, majoring in marketing, from Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo and is currently involved in developing his own line of ready-to-drink nutritional beverages under the name VIVE™.

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